Hi there ! I´m Ellie one of the 2 content creators of Linkkz me. We love finding unknown, funny, and weird internet sites to share with other people because they can be really interesting! I’m a huge fan of wasting time on the internet and finding ways to entertain myself while doing it. I also like sharing the things I find with other people because they can be really interesting! I started out as a bored kid, searching for ways to pass the time when I didn’t have anything else to do. Eventually, I found myself sharing my findings with friends and family members—and now we’re all here together. We’ve got some pretty weird stuff on here: from informative sites about historical oddities and crazy inventions to funny videos that will make you laugh so hard you’ll cry (or maybe that’s just me), this random websites tool also have useful information like how to fix things around your house, how to cook amazing food at home, or even how to make money online by selling your old clothes. We’re not just here for fun though—we want to help people find solutions for their boring moments in life. That’s why we’re always working on new content and new ways to help our users be more productive. Our mission is simple: find cool stuff online so you can get through those times when nothing seems interesting anymore.